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Risking Backlash
Going for Legal Marriage
by Demian
© January 24, 2006, Demian

The only reason there is a domestic partnership status in California, Hawaii, and Vermont is because of the suits for legal marriage.

The only reason there are domestic partner benefits at so many workplaces is because of the recognition that same-sex couples have been forbidden access to legal marriage.

Civil Unions and other domestic partner registrations have created a second-class status because they do not trigger — as does legal marriage — hundreds of state laws, nor do they trigger more than a thousand federal laws. These laws comprise the rights and responsibilities which protect families in times of crisis.

Domestic partnership Unions or registrations do not provide any recognition outside of the issuing state. Once crossing a state line, registered couples are considered to be legal strangers.

For equal treatment as an adult citizen, the clearest words to use have always been “legal marriage.”

Demanding anything short of legal marriage has never resulted in getting legal marriage.

Unfortunately, There will be backlash. It is identical in nature and ferocity to the backlash that the black and woman’s movements have received.

It is an expected by-product of the discrimination that prompted the cry for equality in the first place.

For hundreds of years — before the beginning of the modern gay rights struggle for equality — those who were fearful, or hateful, had committed violence against gay men, lesbians, and transsexuals. They did not need a rational cause. Their own fears provided the provocation.

The spiritual, legal, and physical violence committed against us is not because of our sexuality. It is because of their violence.

Some think there never is a good time to fight for civil rights. Here are two quotes that keep me warm in the storm:

“Equality always seems radical to those who oppose it.”
        — Evan Wolfson
“Equal means getting the same thing at the same time in the same place”
        — Thurgood Marshall

All contents © 2017, Demian Original article written November 8, 2004, and periodically updated.

Legal Marriage Resources
Governments that offer Full Legal Marriage

    Netherlands (2001)
    Belgium (2003)
    Canada (2005)
    Spain (2005)
    South Africa (2005)
    Norway (2009)
    Sweden (2009)
    Iceland (2010)
    Argentina (2010)
    Portugal (2010)
    Denmark (2012)
    France (2013)
    New Zealand (2013)
    Brazil (2013)
    Uruguay (2013)
    New Zealand (2013)
    United Kingdom
      (England, Wales, Scotland) (2013)
    Luxembourg (2014)
    Finland (2014)
    Ireland (2015)
    United States (2015)
    Colombia (2016)
    Germany (2017)
    Taiwan (2017)
    Malta (2017)
US States & Territories

    Massachusetts (2004)
    California (2008)
    Connecticut (2008)
    Iowa (2009)
    Vermont (2009)
    New Hampshire (2009)
    District of Columbia (2009)
    New York (2011)
    Maine (2012)
    Washington (2012)
    Maryland (2013)
    Rhode Island (2013)
    Delaware (2013)
    Minnesota (2013)
    Illinois (2013)
    Utah (2013)
    New Jersey (2013)
    Hawaii (2013)
    New Mexico (2013)
    Michigan (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
    Oregon (2014)
    Wisconsin (2014)

    Arkansas (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
    Pennsylvania (2014)
    Indiana (2014)
    Nevada (2014)
    Virginia (2014)
    Oklahoma (2014)
    Idaho (2014)
    West Virginia (2014)
    Alaska (2014)
    Arizona (2014)
    Wyoming (2014)
    Kansas (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
    Florida (2014)
    Colorado (2014)
    North Carolina (2014)
    South Carolina (2014)
    Montana (2014)
    Alabama (2015)
    U.S. Supreme Court (June 26, 2015):
      Ruling: All U.S. States must now
      allow same-sex couples the
      freedom of legal marriage.
Native American Tribes

    Coquille Tribe, Oregon (2009)
    Mashantucket Pequot, Connecticut (2011)
    Suquamish Tribe, Washington (2011)
    Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, Washington (2013)
    Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Minnesota (2013)
    Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, Michigan (2013)
    Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, Michigan (2013)
    Santa Ysabel Tribe, California (2013)
    Confederated Tribes of the Colville Nation, Washington (2013)
    Cheyenne, Oklahoma (2013)
    Arapaho, Oklahoma (2013)
    Leech Lake Tribal Court, Minnesota (2013)
    Puyallup Tribe, Washington (2914)
    Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming (2014)
    Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Michigan, (2014)
    Colville Confederated Tribes, Washington (2014)
    Central Council of Tlingit, Alaska (2015)
    Haida Indian Tribes, Alaska (2015)

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