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Marriage Bumper Sticker Ideas
© December 3, 2007, Demian

Here are suggestions in support of the freedom to marry for use as bumper stickers, and campaign slogans or ads. These images are copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission. However, we do encourage the use of these phrases and concepts.

#1 — from Steve Bryant

#8 — Demian’s variant on Steve Bryant’s

#3 — from many

#4 — from Demian

#5 — from John Wilkinson & others

#6 — from Demian

#7 — from Demian

#9 — from John Wilkinson.
Was used by the Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington

Comments on the Above Sticker Ideas

  • I think #9 is the coolest. - Jonathan Kelley
  • I LOVE #8, but I’m afraid that non-gay people won’t feel like it fits appropriately on their cars. I really like the message communicated in #s 5 and 9, but I prefer #5’s presentation. I also really love #7. Thanks for putting this article together. It really helps crystallize what have been intangible concepts until now! - Brian Jacobson, Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund
  • Refreshing and inspirational! Especially for a lesbian couple in a Caribbean island like Trinidad. We have the same dream too! - F.S. Gomez
Further Slogan Samples
Some sticker suggestions, sent to us from January 1997 to October 1998, went a teensy bit afield of legal marriage. In the spirit of their enthusiasm, we include their slogans as well:
  • SPEAK NOW: Let us marry in peace - Kelly Leonard
  • Marriage should be based on LOVE - Ned Sanderson
  • Marriage is about LOVE: not GENDER - Ned Sanderson
  • If THEY can do it, why can’t WE? - LJ
  • Gay Marriage: What A LOVING Thing! - Dave Poland
  • Dude, marriage is where it’s at. Yo! - Wonda
  • Coming soon to your home town: Freedom to LOVE, Freedom to LIVE … Freedom to MARRY! - Kym
  • If marriage is an institution, open the doors! - evolk
  • Now we are equal: Let marriage be the sequel - shouted in a San Francisco demonstration
  • John: “I do” / William: “I do” / “You may now kiss”: Support Freedom to Marry - Christopher Veilleux
  • Bigots Ban Marriage Rights - Beverly
  • Marriage: a legal right granted to serial killers and denied to law abiding gay & lesbian couples! - Beverly
  • Marriage: something that 16-year-old kids can do with parental consent, but 50-year-old gay men or lesbians can’t. - Beverly
  • Love is not sexist - Christina Shull
  • I Break For Bi-Sexuals - LMR
  • Dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians! - Xan
Negative Symbols
For bumper stickers and other advertising messages, we do not recommend use of a pink triangle. This symbol is off-target for affirmative messages. The triangle — like the tattooed number placed on those kidnapped and imprisoned in the death camps — was given us by the Nazis, not a symbol we developed ourselves. Many gay, and non-gay people, do not identify with it, or want to be identified by it, on their cars.

Also, the word “queer” could significantly reduce the user base, excluding many potential supporters.
      [Please see Why Partners Task Force Does Not Use “Queer” to Define Our Community.]

More Bumper Stickers from Demian

Graphics © 2011, Demian
The phrases and ideas on the bumper sticker designs are here for free use,
these particular graphics may not be reprinted without permission.

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