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Positive Effects on the State of Alaska
from Domestic Partnership Benefits

Introduction to the report by M.V. Lee Badgett, PhD
by Demian
© June 17, 2006, Demian

One of the most frequent complaints made by those wishing to stop domestic partner benefits, is that it will cost too much. This argument supposes that finances are more critical than benefits that are meant to provide equal treatment to all workers, including just compensation.

The Reportís Key Findings
  1. Spending related to Medicaid and uncompensated health care for uninsured people is likely to fall by $0.8-1.1 million per year.
  2. Current employees will be healthier, more satisfied, and less likely to leave their jobs.
  3. Domestic partner benefits will increase the ability of public employers to recruit talented and committed employees.
  4. In addition to the benefits, health care costs would increase by a small amount, and the increase would likely be shared by public employers and employees.

The report spells out the far more likely scenario that the state would benefit greatly by offering domestic partner benefits.

This March 2006 report is in PDF format:

        Positive Effects on the State of Alaska from Domestic Partnership Benefits
            by M.V. Lee Badgett, PhD

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