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The RCW Project 2000
An Analysis of the Benefits and Burdens of Marriage
Contained in the Revised Code of Washington

by Jamie D. Pedersen
Preston Gates and Ellis LLP

Executive Summary
The RCW Project is an attempt to identify those Washington statutes that grant rights or impose obligations dependent upon marital status. There are hundreds of such statutes (360 identified here), nearly all of which are listed and briefly described in the attached table. The purpose of this summary is to describe some of the salient points identified in the study. Both the table and the summary should be used as they were intended: as a brief and simplified index to an enormous body of law. Because the statutes will change, because many statutes have interpretive glosses imposed by regulators and the courts (which glosses are outside of the scope of the present phase of this study), and because the author has no special expertise in any of the diverse fields of law surveyed, this table should not be relied on by anyone seeking legal advice with regard to the topics covered. Such advice should come from lawyers engaged for that purpose and should involve review of the actual, current text of the statutes involved.

It should come as no surprise that the legislature has chosen to grant a number of very important benefits to married persons. Among these are: (1) the right to bring a wrongful death action (RCW 4.20); (2) a grant of spousal privilege (the right and duty not to testify against a spouse in most legal proceedings) (RCW 5.60.060); (3) inheritance rights, whether under the laws of intestacy (when someone dies without a will) (RCW 11.04), or overriding certain elections by testators (RCW 11.28); (4) the right to state-supervised dissolution of the relationship and distribution of assets (RCW 26.09); (5) community property (RCW 26.16); (6) protections for those who receive insurance benefits through their spouse (RCW 48.44); (7) rights on the death of a spouse, including the right to control autopsies and organ donations and the right to be buried next to one’s spouse (RCW 68.32); and (8) certain state tax benefits, such as a sales tax exemption for transfers made from one spouse to another in connection with a dissolution (RCW 82.45).

Other benefits, while not as important to the public at large, may be critical for certain classes of people. For example, spouses of public employees, including teachers, state patrol, police, firefighters, judges, and other civil servants have important pension benefits. Certain business licenses, including insurance agent licenses (RCW 48.17), liquor licenses (RCW 66.24), and various fishing licenses (including those for whiting, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers) (RCW 75.30), and gas station franchises (RCW 19.120) pass automatically to the surviving spouses of licensees or franchisees. The spouses of indigent veterans are entitled to various forms of public assistance (RCW 73.04). The spouses of graduate students at public universities are entitled to have their health insurance benefits paid (RCW 28B.10).

What has not yet been widely appreciated is the degree to which marriage also imposes significant burdens on one or both of the parties. There are at least three ways that this happens.

First and foremost, many statutes fix rights between the married persons in a way that by definition benefits one spouse and burdens the other. The laws governing community property are one obvious example of this phenomenon: each spouse is given certain rights to property that would otherwise belong solely to the other, and the net result of this reallocation helps one spouse at the expense of the other when the community property becomes separate, either on dissolution or death. Other examples include the numerous decisions that one spouse cannot make without the consent of the other, such as elections of the form in which one will receive pension benefits.

A second set of burdens resembles the “marriage penalty” that is often discussed in connection with the federal income tax. On any number of statutes in which the income of those covered is important, there are different scales for married people and single people, and the scales for married people are not the same as the sum of those for two single people. These include rules governing garnishment (RCW 6.15), eligibility for a subsidy in the state Basic Health Plan (RCW 70.47), and eligibility for senior citizen campsite rental discounts (RCW 43.51). In addition, a surprisingly large number of statutes impose a “remarriage penalty”: rights held by a surviving spouse based on one marriage may be lost if the surviving spouse chooses to remarry. These include pension benefits for surviving spouses of many public employees (RCW 2.10, 2.12, 41.26, 41.32, 41.40, and 43.43) and the right to free license plates for the surviving spouses of prisoners of war (RCW 73.04).

A third category of burdens on married persons involves attempts by the legislature to protect the public from fraud or nepotism. Among such statutes are those requiring that public members of various professional licensing boards not be married to members of the regulated profession (e.g. RCW 18.110.020), forbidding spouses of lottery employees or officials from participating in the state lottery (RCW 67.70.180), and requiring professional fundraisers to make a disclosure if he or she is married to an officer of an entity that will receive 10% or more of the fundraising proceeds (RCW 19.09).

It should not be forgotten that many other benefits and burdens are tied to federal law and as such are outside of the scope of this study. These include immigration and tax laws, social security and veterans’ benefits, civil and military service benefits, and various employment benefits. What is so unique about the possibility that same-sex couples may be granted the right to marry is that all of these rights and responsibilities, state and federal, legislatively or judicially granted or imposed, could be available to any couple that wanted to accept the whole package.

An Analysis of the Benefits and Burdens of Marriage
Contained in the Revised Code of Washington - as of 2000
Statute Area of Law Summary Benefit/
RCW 2.10.140 Public Employees (Judges) surviving spouse of judge with accumulated service receive pension benefits if married two years before death Benefitstate $  
RCW 2.10.144 Public Employees (Judges) surviving spouse of judge who dies before retirement paid accumulated contributions as default recipient (overrides election before marriage) Benefit state $  
RCW 2.10.146 Public Employees (Judges) spouses must consent to judge's election of form of pension benefits Benefit/ Burden state $  
RCW 2.10.165 Public Employees (Judges) surviving spouses of pre-1988 retirees eligible for refunds of some retirement contributions Benefit state $  
RCW 2.12.030 Public Employees (Judges) surviving spouse married to judge for three years or before retirement receives pension if spouse remains unmarried Benefit/ Burden state $ remarriage penalty
RCW 2.12.048 Public Employees (Judges) surviving spouses of pre-1988 retirees eligible for refunds of some retirement contributions Benefit state $  
RCW 2.14.110 Public Employees (Judges) surviving spouse is default recipient of contributions to retirement system Benefit state $  
RCW 4.08.030 Right of Action either husband or wife may sue for community, except that spouse with personal injuries or who performed services is a necessary party Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 4.08.040 Right of Action spouse has a right to join in all actions affecting spouse or self Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 4.20.020 Torts/Death spouse is a beneficiary of a wrongful death action Benefit $ (not state) key benefit
RCW 4.20.046Right of Action/Death all actions survive to personal representatives, but certain damages recoverable only by surviving spouse/children Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 4.20.060Torts/Death personal injury actions do not abate on death where spouse survives Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 4.24.130 Prisoners prisoners have a right to a change of name on dissolution Benefit no $  
RCW 5.60.060 Evidence spousal privilege: one spouse cannot be examined against other without consent, and neither can be examined with regard to communications during marriage (even after) without consent Benefit no $ key benefit
RCW 6.13.020 Creditors Rights husband and wife may not claim same premises to increase value of homestead exemption above that available to community Burden $ (not state)  
RCW 6.13.060 Community Property married person cannot convey or encumber homestead without consent of spouse Benefit/ Burden no $  
RCW 6.13.080 Creditors Rights homestead exemption not available in certain situations Benefit/ Burden no $  
RCW 6.13.210 Community Property on incompetency or disability of one spouse, other must seek a court order allowing sale or conveyance Benefit/ Burden no $  
RCW 6.15.010 Creditors Rights property exempt from execution or garnishment: amounts same for individual or married couple Burden $ (not state) marriage penalty
RCW 6.15.025 Creditors Rights pension or retirement plan benefits exempt from execution for judgment for out-of-state income tax Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 6.15.050 Creditors Rights personal property exemption in bankruptcy limited if spouse has previously declared bankruptcy Burden $ (not state)  
RCW 6.27.140 Creditors Rights higher exemption from garnishment if supporting new spouse Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 6.27.150 Creditors Rights higher exemption from garnishment if supporting a new spouse Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 7.36.020 Guardianship/ Right of Action spouse has right to writ of habeas corpus to enforce rights of or protect disabled or incompetent spouse Benefit no $  
RCW 7.68.070Torts/ Criminal Law married victims allowed higher victim benefits than unmarried Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 7.68.075Torts/ Criminal Law victim benefits based on marital status at time of crime Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 7.69.030 Criminal Law/ Victims' Rights survivors (including spouses) have right to: statement of rights, information on disposition of case; protection from harm; secure waiting areas; etc. Benefit no $  
RCW 7.70.065 Health Care spouse can give informed consent for health care decisions of incompetent spouse Benefit $ (not state) can grant by private contract
RCW 9.46.231 Criminal Law/ Seizure gambling property may be seized, but not community property interest of non-participating spouse Benefit no $  
RCW 9.58.090 Criminal Law threat to libel or blackmail to prevent publication is a misdemeanor, including about one's spouse Benefit no $  
RCW 9.94A.155 Criminal Law/ Victim Rights next of kin of victim, including spouse, notified on release of violent inmates and sex offenders Benefit no $ anyone requesting such notice may receive it
RCW 9A.40.030- RCW 9A.40.070 Criminal Law if actor is relative of abductee, kidnapping (class B felony) becomes custodial interference (gross misdemeanor) Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.050 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Rape 2 of resident of state institution Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.060 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Rape 3 (no consent needed for sexual intercourse between married persons) Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.073 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Child Rape 1 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.076 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Child Rape 2 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.079 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Child Rape 3 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.083 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Child Molestation 1 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.086 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Child Molestation 2 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.089 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Child Molestation 3 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.093 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Sexual Misconduct with a Minor 1 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.096 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Sexual Misconduct with a Minor 2 Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.44.100 Criminal Law marriage is a defense to Indecent Liberties Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.76.070 Criminal Law rendering criminal assistance 1 is a gross misdemeanor if by relative (incl. by marriage), otherwise class C felony Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.76.080 Criminal Law rendering criminal assistance 2 is a misdemeanor if by relative (incl. by marriage), otherwise a gross misdemeanor Benefit no $  
RCW 9A.83.030 Criminal Law/Seizure community property interest in property of non-participating spouse cannot be forfeited Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 10.77.205 Criminal Law notice of release of violent or sex offenders found not guilty by reason of insanity sent to spouse of victim Benefit no $  
RCW 10.101.020 Civil Rights/Right to Counsel determination of indigency for purposes of eligibility for state-appointed counsel does not depend on resources of friends or relatives except spouse Burden state $ marriage penalty
RCW 11.02.005 Probate heirs are persons, including surviving spouse, who are entitled to inherit under laws of intestate succession Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.02.070Probate/Community Property on death, spouse gets ½ of community property; the other half is subject to testamentary disposition Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.02.120 Corporations/Community Property transfer agent may transfer shares at request of surviving spouse Benefit no $  
RCW 11.04.095 Probate can avoid escheat if issue by former spouse and no heirs of surviving later-deceased spouse Benefit state $  
RCW 11.04.015Probate if decedent dies intestate, surviving spouse entitled to 50-100% of estate Benefit$ (not state) Key Benefit
RCW 11.04.290Real Property/ Probate title to real property passes immediately on death of husband or wife Benefitno $ 
RCW 11.07.010Family Law/ Probate dissolution of marriage revokes designation of former spouse under life insurance, pension, and other non-probate assets, unless expressly provided otherwise or required by law Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 11.12.051 Probate/ Family Law gifts by will to spouse revoked on dissolution, revived by remarriage Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.12.095 Probate if spouse is not named in will made before marriage, omitted spouse receives intestate distribution (unless will clearly provides otherwise) Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.12.180 Probate Rule in Shelly's case abolished: surviving spouse considered an heir even if remarried Benefit no $  
RCW 11.28.030 Probate surviving spouse entitled to letters testamentary to administer community property Benefit no $ key benefit
RCW 11.28.120 Probate default administration of estate (if intestate, or no personal representative) first to surviving spouse Benefit no $  
RCW 11.28.131 Probate surviving spouse must be notified before anyone else may be given letters testamentary Benefit no $  
RCW11.28.185 Probate persons other than surviving spouse who inherits entire estate must post bond before serving as personal representative Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.52.010 Probate surviving spouse is entitled to award up to $30,000 if no homestead is claimed Benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.52.012 Probate award in lieu of homestead to surviving spouse may be denied or reduced if surviving spouse killed decedent, abandoned children, or gets nonprobate property limitation on prior benefit no $  
RCW 11.52.016 Probate award in lieu of homestead not subject to any debts of deceased spouse or self benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.52.022 Probate if value of homestead is less than $30,000, court may set aside additional property up to $30,000 benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.52.020 Probate homestead titled vested in surviving spouse if conditions met benefit no $  
RCW 11.52.024 Probate homestead award final and not subject to further administration or debts benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.62.030 Probate surviving spouse entitled to deposits up to $1000 by deceased spouse with any credit union benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.66.010 Probate social security benefits paid to surviving spouse up to $1000 per month free and clear from estate benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.68.040 Probate surviving spouse not required to give notice to heirs for nonintervention powers in probate of intestate estate benefit no $  
RCW 11.76.080 Probate need to appoint guardian for minor child interested in estate waived if surviving spouse is the parent benefit no $  
RCW 11.80.010 Probate if absentee owner of property, court may have hearing and appoint trustee, preferring spouse above all others benefit no $  
RCW 11.80.050 Probate absentee-owned property may be sold for allowance/ maintenance of spouse benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.80.130 Probate spouse of absentee may, on petition to court, sell property up to $5000 benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.88.010 Guardianship venue for appointment of guardians lies in county of residence of spouse benefit no $  
RCW 11.88.040 Guardianship spouse entitled to notice of guardianship proceeding benefit no $  
RCW 11.88.090 Guardianship spouse (and persons with a significant, continuing interest in welfare of person) entitled to copy of report of guardian ad litem benefitno $ partners could have benefit by court ruling
RCW 11.88.125 Guardianship spouse entitled to notice of designation of standby guardian or limited guardian benefit no $  
RCW 11.95.120 Trustsother code sections do not limit or restrict the distribution of trust income that qualifies for the marital deduction benefit $ (not state) tied to federal law
RCW 11.96.070 Trusts judicial proceeding available to modify terms of will or trust to make estate tax marital deduction available benefit $ (not state) tied to federal law
RCW 11.98.230 Trusts other code sections do not limit or restrict distribution of income that could qualify under marital deduction benefit $ (not state) tied to federal law
RCW 11.100.025 Trusts certain trusts to provide annual income to spouse give power to spouse to require that unproductive trust assets be made productive benefit $ (not state)  
RCW 11.104.040 Trusts surviving spouse of grantor of trust who is income beneficiary is entitled to testamentary general power of appointment benefit no $  
RCW 11.108.025 Trusts fiduciary has power to make elections to qualify trust property for marital deduction benefit $ (not state) tied to federal
RCW 11.108.040 Trusts courts shall interpret instruments pre-1981 to take advantage of federal marital deduction change in 1981 benefit $ (not state) tied to federal
RCW 11.108.050 Trusts if intention of grantor is to make marital deduction apply, then conditions imposed on trust to make it apply benefit $ (not state) tied to federal
RCW 11.108.060 Trusts if marital deduction gift, then survivorship requirement limited to 6 months benefit $ (not state) tied to federal
RCW 13.34.110 Family Law/ Custody all adults related by marriage to child entitled to notice of custody hearing benefit no $  
RCW 13.40.215 Criminal Law/ Juveniles next of kin (including spouse) of victim entitled to notice of release of offender benefit no $  
RCW 13.40.220 Criminal Law/ Juveniles parent freed from obligation to pay costs of support, treatment, and confinement of juvenile offender where spouse was victim of offense benefit state $  
RCW 18.35.150 Licensed Professions public members of Board of Hearing and Speech cannot have been married to members of certain occupations burden no $  
RCW 18.96.040 Licensed Professions public members of Landscape Architecture licensing board cannot have a spouse who makes livelihood from landscape architecture burden no $  
RCW 18.118.020 Licensed Professions definition of "public member" excludes form professional boards those with spouses in the profession burden no $  
RCW 18.120.020Licensed Professions definition: "public member" of boards of health professions cannot be spouse of member of health profession being regulated burdenno $ 
RCW 18.175.040Licensed Professions sports agents of student athletes not required to register if related to student by marriage benefitno $ 
RCW 19.09.097Licensed Professions/ Charitable Organizations disclosure required if professional fundraiser related by marriage to officer of entities to which 10% or more of proceeds will be paid burdenno $ 
RCW 19.16.250Licensed Professionals collection agencies presumed to be engaged in forbidden harassment if contact debtor or spouse three or more times in one week benefitno $ 
RCW 19.40.041Creditors' Rights transfers by debtors to insiders (incl. spouses) may be presumed fraudulent burden$ (not state) 
RCW 19.40.051Creditors' Rights transfers by insolvent debtors for antecedent debts are fraudulent burden$ (not state) 
RCW 19.72.030Suretyship surety must have separate property for bond, unless spouse joins burdenno $ 
RCW 19.98.120Franchises/ Dealership suppliers cannot cut off supply of equipment on death of dealer if spouse is reasonably qualified to take over business benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 19.120.040Franchises/ Dealerships gas station franchises pass automatically to surviving spouse or other permitted designee benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 21.20.310Securities Exemption from registration for securities of nonprofit distributed only to members and relatives benefitno $ 
RCW 23B.08.700Corporations required disclosure of director conflicts includes conflicts of spouse (or individual having the same home) burdenno $may apply without marriage
RCW 23B.19.020Corporations may have beneficial ownership through spouse burdenno $ 
RCW 26.09.015Family Law parties may use mediator for dissolution proceedings benefitstate $ 
RCW 26.09.050Family Law courts directed to grant relief including name changes upon dissolution benefitno $ 
RCW 26.09.060Family Law temporary maintenance and restraining orders available during dissolution proceedings benefitno $ 
RCW 26.09.070Family Law parties to marriage may make separation contracts, and courts must honor unless unfair or child support concern benefitno $ 
RCW 26.09.080Family Law court makes a just and equitable distribution on dissolution; factors considered benefit/ burden$ (not state) key benefit
RCW 26.09.090Family Law court may grant maintenance to either spouse: factors considered benefit/ burden$ (not state) key benefit
RCW 26.09.100Family Law court in dissolution proceeding must enter child support order benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.09.110Family Law court may appoint attorney to represent children in dissolution (parents or county pay) benefitstate $ 
RCW 26.09.138Family Law if maintenance obligation is paid late, can get a mandatory assignment of public retirement benefits burden/ benefit$ (not state) 
RCW 26.09.150Family Law procedure for and finality of dissolution decree; right to change of name benefitno $ 
RCW 26.09.194Family Law procedure for entry of temporary parenting plan benefitno $ 
RCW 26.12.172Family Law battered spouses have the right to alternative voluntary parenting seminar benefitno $ 
RCW 26.12.220Family Law counties may pay for family court services with increase in marriage license fee benefitno $ 
RCW 26.16.010Community Property husband's pre-marriage, gift, and inheritance property not subject to debts and contracts of wife benefit/ burden$ (not state) gender specific
RCW 26.16.020Community Property wife's pre-marriage, gift, and inheritance property not subject to debts and contracts of husband benefit/ burden$ (not state) gender specific
RCW 26.16.030Community Property definition of and restrictions on disposition of community property benefit/ burden$ (not state) Key Benefit
RCW 26.16.060Community Property husband and wife (or attorney) must join to dispose of community property benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.16.090Community Property husband and wife or attorney of either must join to dispose of community property benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.16.100Community Property may record instrument with auditor asserting community interest in real property where record title is in name of spouse benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.16.205Community Property obligation to support stepchildren during marriage; ceases on dissolution benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 26.16.220Community Property quasi-community property is property that would have been community if decedent had been domiciled in Washington benefitno $ 
RCW 26.16.230Community Property one half of quasi-community property of decedent belongs to surviving spouse benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 26.16.240Community Property certain lifetime transfers of quasi-community property interests may be undone benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 26.16.250Community Property characterization of property as quasi-community only important for determining disposition at time of death, and may be waived by agreement benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.18.030Family Law remedies cumulative to ensure support for dependent children benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 26.19.071Family Law income to be considered in determining child support obligations does not include income from spouse benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 26.20.035Family Law; Criminal Law gross misdemeanor not to provide support to spouse if able benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 26.20.071Family Law/ Evidence exception to spousal privilege in nonsupport/ desertion actions benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.20.080Family Law proof of nonsupport is prima facie evidence of wilfulness benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.26.040Family Law strong presumption of paternity if marriage or attempted marriage benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.26.050Family Law husband presumed father even if artificial insemination, if consent filed benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 26.28.020Family Law minors married to persons of full age are themselves deemed to be of full age benefitno $ 
RCW 26.33.100Family Law may seek termination of parent-child relationship to adopt child of spouse benefitno $ 
RCW 26.33.150Family Law adoption petitions by married persons must be joined by spouse burdenno $ 
RCW 26.33.220Family Law certain post-adoption reports not required if adoptee is spouse's child benefitno $ 
RCW 28B.10.400Public Employees surviving spouse must consent for any other person to be pension beneficiary in higher education system benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.10.401Public Employees higher education employees eligible to elect annuities for spouse benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.10.431Public Employees annuities/pensions increased for higher education employees benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.10.567Public Employees death benefits to higher education police officers killed in the line of duty benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.10.660Public Employees/ Higher Education graduate students may have health insurance benefits of spouses paid benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.15.012Higher Education spouses of active duty military stationed in Washington considered residents benefitstate $subject to federal military law
RCW 28B.15.014Higher Education spouse of faculty exempt from nonresident tuition differential benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.50.259Higher Education spouses of dislocated forest products workers eligible for tuition and fee waivers benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.80.580Higher Education tuition and fee waivers for unemployed spouses of dislocated forest products workers benefitstate $ 
RCW 28B.80.585Higher Education priority for dislocated forest/ salmon products workers and spouses in higher education spots benefitstate $ 
RCW 30.22.190Financial Institutions can pay out deposits to surviving spouse if recorded community property agreement or if deposits less than $2500 benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 35.54.100Taxessurviving spouse allowed to continue deferral of LID fees benefitstate $ 
RCW 38.52.300Tortssurviving spouse has right of action for death of emergency worker spouse benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 41.04.020Public Employees payroll deductions authorized for IRAs selected by spouse benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.04.580Public Employees permissive redress by municipalities to surviving spouse of employees terminated in connection with the Japanese internment benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.05.065Public Employees long-term care insurance available for parents of spouses benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.05.090Public Employees spouses of covered employees have right to transfer to individual coverage with no waiting period benefitno $ 
RCW 41.06.150Public Employees preferences in reemployment for surviving spouses of veterans benefitno $ 
RCW 41.16.140Public Employees (Firemen) right to payout of contribution and interest minus payments on death of firefighter spouse benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 41.16.160Public Employees (Firemen) payout of greater of contribution or $1000 on death of firefighter not in line of duty benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.18.040Public Employees (Firemen) widow or widower has right to receive pension of retired firefighter, but remarriage terminates right benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.18.045Public Employees (Firemen) surviving spouse of firefighter gets pension of firefighter who was eligible to retire, but had not yet retired; but remarriage terminates right benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.18.100Public Employees (Firemen) surviving spouse has right to receive pension of firefighter, but remarriage terminates right benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.18.130Public Employees (Firemen) fireman and spouse can elect to get vested benefits after 20 years of service benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.20.080Public Employees (Police) police spouses entitled to pension on death in line of duty, but right terminates on remarriage benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.20.085Public Employees (Police) right to receive police pension of surviving spouse, but terminates on remarriage benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.20.090Public Employees (Police) right of surviving spouse of police officer to lump sum payment of $1000 benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.20.150Public Employees (Police) police can opt to retire as vested at 20 years; spouse gets same benefits benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.20.180Public Employees (Police) pensions and benefits under 41.20 not subject to any attachment except upon dissolution benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 41.24.150Public Employees (Firefighters) disabled firefighter with spouse entitled to extra disability payments benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.24.160Public Employees (Volunteer Firefighters) death benefit paid to surviving spouse of firefighter who dies in the line of duty; but right terminates on remarriage benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.24.172Public Employees (Volunteer Firefighters) pension options depend on nature of payment to surviving spouse benefitstate $ 
RCW 41. 24.180Public Employees (Volunteer Firefighters) upon death of unvested volunteer firefighter, contributions to pension fund returned in lump sum to surviving spouse benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.24.240Public Employees (Volunteer Firefighters) pensions and benefits under 41.24 not subject to any attachment except upon dissolution benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 41.24.245Public Employees (Volunteer Firefighters) assignment of payments to spouse under court order on dissolution is not subject to challenge benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 41.24.440Public Employees (Volunteer Firefighters) surviving spouse of reserve officer entitled to lump sum payment if officer has not completed 10 years of service, or pension if completed benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.26.048Public Employees (Police & Firefighters) when no designated beneficiary, spouse is default recipient of $150K death benefit for death of firefighter in line of duty benefitstate $can accomplish by private action
RCW 41.26.090Public Employees (Police & Firefighters) fire and police pension contributions paid to surviving spouse on death benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.26.160Public Employees (Police & Firefighters) surviving spouse (over 1 year) of fire or police with over 20 years entitled to pension benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.26.162Public Employees (Police & Firefighters) ex-spouses may qualify as surviving spouses for fire/police benefits if marriage of sufficient duration or court order benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.26.460Public Employees (Police & Firefighters) spouse must consent to election of pension system benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 41.26.470Public Employees (Police & Firefighters) surviving spouse is default recipient of police/fire disability allowance benefitstate $can accomplish by private action
RCW 41.26.510Public Employees (Police & Firefighters) surviving spouse of fire or police who die entitled to benefits benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.28.170Public Employees (Cities) city employee pension elections depend on payment to surviving spouse benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.28.205Public Employees/ Family Law (Cities) any benefits in RCW 41 may be subject to dissolution order benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 41.28.207Public Employees (Cities) board can pay pension to spouse or ex-spouse under court order benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 41.32.520Public Employees (Teachers) surviving spouses of teachers entitled to retirement benefits, but terminate on remarriage benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.32.530Public Employees (Teachers) teachers must have consent of spouse to make pension elections burden/ benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 41.32.785Public Employees (Teachers) teachers must have spousal consent for pension election if married benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.32.790Public Employees (Teachers) surviving spouse is default recipient of earned disability allowance benefits benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 41.32.805Public Employees (Teachers) surviving spouse is default recipient of pension contributions benefitstate $  
RCW 41.32.851Public Employees (Teachers) spouse must consent to pension election of employee benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 41.32.895Public Employees (Teachers) surviving spouse eligible for retirement allowance if member dies before retired benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.32.5305Public Employees (Teachers) surviving spouse entitled to full retirement allowance of teacher who died on sick leave in July-August 1994 without disability or retirement benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.34.070Public Employees surviving spouse is default recipient of distribution of balance in pension fund benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.185Public Employees surviving spouses of deceased legislators entitled to minimum pension benefits benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.188Public Employees surviving spouse is default recipient and must consent to pension option benefit/ burdenstate $ 
RCW 41.40.190Public Employees surviving spouses of elected state officials entitled to minimum pension benefits benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.220Public Employees surviving spouse is default recipient of balance of disability pension benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.235Public Employees surviving spouse is default recipient of accumulated contributions to pension fund benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.250Public Employees surviving spouse is default recipient of accumulated contributions to disability pension benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.270Public Employees surviving spouse is default beneficiary of excess accumulated contributions benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.660Public Employees must have written consent of spouse for election of pension options benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 41.40.670Public Employees surviving spouse is default recipient of accumulated but unpaid earned disability allowance benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.40.700Public Employees surviving spouse is default recipient of accumulated contributions benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.44.170Public Employees surviving spouse is pension beneficiary, but loses right if remarries benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.44.190Public Employees surviving spouse receives pension benefits, but loses them on remarriage benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.44.210Public Employees pension for surviving spouse of one who dies in line of duty; terminates on remarriage benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 41.44.220Public Employees surviving spouse may elect cash refund of accumulated, unpaid contributions benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 41.44.240Public Employees only attachment of state pension benefits is for child support and dissolution/ maintenance benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 41.50.650Public Employees spouses/ ex-spouses have right to direct payments of mandatory benefits benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 41.54.034Public Employees surviving spouses of members of dual systems entitled to combine contributions to determine payments benefitstate $ 
RCW 41.68.020Public Employees spouses of state employees terminated because of EO 9066 entitled to reparations benefitstate $ 
RCW 42.17.180Elections/ Public Officials employers of registered lobbyists must report gifts to immediate family (incl. spouses) of public officials burdenno $ 
RCW 42.17.241Elections/ Voting gifts to spouse deemed gifts to official for purposes of reporting requirements burdenno $ 
RCW 42.23.030Public Officials spouses of school district officials prohibited from most contracts with school district (but not as teacher) burdenno $ 
RCW 42.52.040Public Officials state officers and employees may not help others in transactions with state, but may help spouse and children benefitno $ 
RCW 43.03.305Public Officials members of state commission on salaries for elected officials cannot be spouse of official, employee, or lobbyist burdenno $ 
RCW 43.20B.120Deathif department of social and health services gives funeral assistance, six-year lien against assets left to surviving spouse benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 43.20B.330Public Assistance spouse of person committed to mental hospital is liable to reimburse state for costs burdenstate $ 
RCW 43.20B.430Public Assistance if able, residents of residential rehabilitation centers must pay for care; notice to spouse burdenstate $ 
RCW 43.43.270Public Employees state patrol retirement: surviving spouse entitled to benefits, and if multiple patrol spouses, get highest of salaries benefitstate $ 
RCW 43.43.277Public Employees pre 1970 retiree surviving spouses entitled to minimum benefit benefitstate $ 
RCW 43.43.280Public Employees pension contributions by state patrol go to designee only if no surviving spouse benefitstate $ 
RCW 43.43.285Public Employees if state patrol officer dies in line of duty, $150K death benefit paid to designee or surviving spouse benefitstate $ can achieve by private action
RCW 43.51.055Parks and Recreation senior citizens entitled to discount on campsite rentals only if income, with spouse, is below limit burdenstate $ 
RCW 43.185A.010Public Assistance first time home buyer is an individual or spouse who has not owned a home during the previous three years burdenstate $ 
RCW 46.16.305Motor Vehicles special license plates for surviving spouses of Pearl Harbor survivors; lose on remarriage Benefit/ Burdenno $ remarriage penalty
RCW 46.29.080Motor vehicles car owner protected from security requirements if vehicle operated without permission, but permission deemed granted if spouse Burdenno $ 
RCW 46.70.090Motor vehicles spouses of car dealers have right to use dealer plates Benefitstate $ 
RCW 48.17.510Insurance spouse may receive insurance agent's or broker's temporary license on death or sickness of licensed spouse Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.18.020Insurance minors over 15 have power to make insurance contracts for self or spouse Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.18.060Insurance spouse has right to insure life or disability of spouse without consent Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.18.375Insurance may assign rights under group insurance policy to spouse Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.20.490Insurance spouse has right to continue disability insurance coverage after termination of marriage without physical, etc. Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.21.260Insurance spouses have same conversion rights for group disability policies as members Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.21A.030Insurance extended health insurance available to seniors and spouses Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.22.030Insurance spouse has right to reject underinsured motorists' coverage Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.23.320Insurance life insurer may pay proceeds to surviving spouse Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 48.24.010Insurance spouse has right to take out life insurance coverage on other spouse Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.24.030Insurance spouses of state employee insureds have right to coverage and conversion Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.25.160Insurance if beneficiary does not surrender policy, company may pay to relatives by marriage Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 48.44.370Insurance conversion policy offered to spouses, whether or not member terminated for misconduct Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.44.400Insurance health care services agreements must provide right to continuing coverage on termination of marriage Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.46.450Insurance HMOs must offer conversion policies to spouses of terminated members without physical exams Benefitno $ 
RCW 48.46.480Insurance health care services agreements must include provisions to assure that spouse can continue insurance if member terminated Benefitno $ 
RCW 49.48.100Employment assignment of future wages is not valid without written consent of spouse Benefit/ Burden$ (not state)  
RCW 49.48.120Employment employers must pay unpaid wages to surviving spouses on death benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 49.78.080Employment/ Insurance employers must allow employees on leave to continue insurance, including spouse coverage, at own expense benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 50.04.180Employment employment does not include services performed for spouse Benefit/ Burdenno $ 
RCW 50.20.050Public Assistance unemployment insurance available to those who leave work voluntarily because spouse's employment requires relocations Benefitstate $ 
RCW 50.44.040Employment spouses of students need not pay for/ have unemployment insurance if employed by school and consent Benefit/ Burdenstate $  
RCW 51.08.020Employment workers comp. beneficiaries include spouses, but not if abandoned Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 51.12.020Employment officers of non-public company exempt from workers comp. coverage if all related by marriage Benefitstate $ 
RCW 51.12.080Employment common carriers liable to surviving spouse in death of railroad workers Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 51.32.010Employment if worker killed in course of employment, compensation to spouse Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 51.32.040Employment surviving spouse has right to payments for permanent partial injury Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 51.32.050Employment where injured worker dies entitled to up to 60% of wages for life or until remarriage (resurrected if remarriage terminates) Benefit/ Burden$ (not state) remarriage penalty
RCW 51.32.060Employment 5% greater disability payments if married at time of injury leading to permanent total disability Benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 51.32.067Employment spouse must consent to election of option that excludes from benefits paid to injured workers benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 51.32.072Employment workers' compensation available to spouses of pre-1971 disabled, unless remarried benefit/ burden$ (not state) remarriage penalty
RCW 51.32.135Employment spouse must consent to conversion of pension benefits to lump sum benefit/ burden$ (not state)  
RCW 59.20.060Real Property mobile home space tenancy cannot contain waiver of homestead rights, which may be waived after default in rent, signed by both spouses benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 59.22.080Real Property must pay fee for mobile home title transfers, but not for addition or deletion of spouses benefitstate $ 
RCW 60.04.211Community Property claim of lien is notice to husband and wife and valid against community interest of both burden$ (not state) 
RCW 64.06.010- RCW 64.06.020Real Property disclosure requirements as to residential real property do not apply to gifts between spouses or transfers in connection with dissolution benefitno $ 
RCW 64.28.040Real Property/ Community Property joint tenancy of husband and wife, when severed, is presumed to be community property benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 65.12.020Real Property application for registration of land titles must include name and age of spouse benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 65.12.200Real Property decrees of land registration state whether owner is married, name of spouse benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 65.12.255Real Property certificate of land registration contains marital status and name of spouse benefit/ burdenno $ 
RCW 66.24.025Alcoholic Beverages liquor license may be transferred without charge to surviving spouse of deceased licensee benefitno $ 
RCW 67.70.180Public Employees spouses of lottery commission members, directors, or employees cannot buy lottery tickets burdenno $ 
RCW 68.32.020Deathspouse has vested right in internment of own remains next to those of spouse benefitno $Key benefit
RCW 68.32.030Deathonly final divorce decree can terminate vested right of interment benefitno $ 
RCW 68.32.040Death/ Probate burial plot descends to surviving spouse on death of owner benefitno $ 
RCW 68.32.110Deathspouse has first priority on space in family plot benefitno $ 
RCW 68.32.120Deathif parents and children of plot owner survive, spouses of children and heirs get right of interment benefitno $ 
RCW 68.32.130Deathspouse may waive right of interment in favor of any other relative or spouse of relative benefitno $ 
RCW 68.36.020Deathcannot place five-year notice of unoccupied cemetery space if member of record owner's family (including spouse) has been buried there within twenty years benefitno $ 
RCW 68.44.030Deathspouses of cemetery officer, trustee, or director may not borrow funds from endowment care burdenno $ 
RCW 68.50.100Deathdissection only allowed in limited circumstances, as when authorized by spouse benefitno $ 
RCW 68.50.101Deathsurviving spouse has priority to authorize or refuse autopsy benefitno $cannot get right by contract
RCW 68.50.105Deathonly family members (including surviving spouse, have right to review autopsy benefitno $cannot get right by contract
RCW 68.50.200Deathsurviving spouse has first priority to authorize or block removal of remains from cemetery benefitno $cannot get right by contract
RCW 68.50.160Deathsurviving spouse has first right to control disposition of remains benefitno $cannot get right by contract
RCW 68.50.550Deathspouse has third priority (after guardian and holder of durable health care power) to make anatomical gifts benefitno $can get by private action
RCW 69.50.505Criminal Law; Community Property community property interest in real property cannot be seized if spouse did not participate in violation giving right to seizure benefitno $ 
RCW 70.24.210Education sex education materials must emphasize the importance of abstinence outside of lawful marriage benefitno $  
RCW 70.47.020Health Care eligibility for subsidy in state basic health plan determined by sum of income of person and spouse, if any benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 70.47.060Health Care business owners may apply for basic health plan coverage for spouses and employees benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 70.58.080Vital Statistics birth certificate includes name of father if married to mother benefitno $  
RCW 70.122.030Health Care witnesses to health care powers may not be related by blood or marriage burdenno $  
RCW 70.123.020Public Assistance/ Domestic Violence definition of cohabitant includes only married persons and those living with someone of the opposite sex; only married persons or those in opposite-sex relationships eligible to live in publicly supported shelters benefitno $ blatant sexual orientation discrimination
RCW 70.129.140Public Assistance residents of adult family homes have right to share double room with spouse if both are in the same facility benefitno $  
RCW 70.190.065Public Assistance community public health and safety network members cannot authorize expenditures if spouse is interested burdenno $  
RCW 71.05.100Mental Health spouse of committed person responsible for treatment costs burdenstate $  
RCW 71.05.220Mental Health inventory of personal property of committed person available for inspection by spouse benefitno $  
RCW 71.05.400Mental Health spouse has first priority for notice and information about committed person benefitno $  
RCW 71.05.425Mental Health/ Criminal Law next of kin of victim of sex or violent crime entitled to notice of release or discharge of offender benefitno $  
RCW 71.09.080Mental Health spouse considered "responsible relative" of committed person and given access to inventory of personal goods benefitno $  
RCW 71.09.140Mental Health/ Criminal Law spouse of victim entitled to notice of escape or release of offender (automatic, but others may get on request) benefitno $ can get by private action
RCW 71.09.210Mental Health committed people may be granted escorted leave to attend funeral of spouse benefitno $  
RCW 71A.20.100Mental Health spouse has priority as guardian for resident of habilitation center benefitno $  
RCW 72.01.280Public Employees officers of mental institutions furnished with room and board for selves and spouses benefitstate $  
RCW 72.01.370Corrections/ Prisons inmates may have escorted leaves for illness/ funeral of spouse benefitno $  
RCW 72.23.120Mental Health spouse liable for payments for voluntary hospitalization burdenno $  
RCW 72.36.030Veterans/ Public Assistance spouses of veterans eligible to live in veterans homes if married three years and over 50; lose right on remarriage benefit; burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 72.36.040Veterans/ Public Assistance spouses of veterans, if indigent, eligible to live in colony of state soldiers' home; lose right on remarriage benefit; burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 72.36.050Veterans/ Public Assistance members of soldiers' colony, including spouses, entitled to medical assistance, food, and clothing benefitstate $  
RCW 72.36.070Veterans/ Public Assistance special home for veterans of foreign wars and spouses benefitstate $  
RCW 72.36.110Veterans/ Death spouses of veterans may be buried in veterans' cemeteries benefitno $  
RCW 72.64.040Prisons/ Corrections spouse may be paid earnings of prisoner benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 72.66.026Prisons/ Corrections furloughed prisoners do not need written permission of spouse to drive spouse's car benefit/ burdenno $  
RCW 73.04.010Veterans no fees may be charged of spouses of veterans for certificates needed for pensions, etc. benefitstate $  
RCW 73.04.115Veterans/ Motor Vehicles surviving spouses of prisoners of war get free license plates; lose right if remarry benefit/ burdenstate $ remarriage penalty
RCW 73.04.120Veterans/ Vital Statistics free certificates from clerks for surviving spouses of veterans when needed for US veterans claims benefitstate $  
RCW 73.08.070Veterans/ Death/ Public Assistance counties must provide up to $300 for burial of indigent spouses of veterans benefitstate $  
RCW 73.08.080Veterans/ Public Assistance property taxes authorized for creation of fund to protect indigent veterans and spouses benefitstate $  
RCW 73.16.010Public Employees/ Veterans spouses of deceased or disabled veterans granted preference in public employment benefitno $  
RCW 74.04.005Public Assistance home is not considered a resource for purposes of public general assistance eligibility if lived in by spouse benefitstate $  
RCW 74.08.120Death/ Public Assistance resources of spouse taken into consideration in determining eligibility for burial/disposition assistance burdenstate $  
RCW 74.09.575Public Assistance policy to allow maximum resources to community spouse of institutionalized person burdenstate $  
RCW 74.09.595Public Assistance due process for spouses of institutionalized persons on resource valuation benefitno $  
RCW 74.13.103Adoption for purposes of adoption fees, husband and wife treated as single prospective adoption parent benefitstate $  
RCW 74.15.030Adoption secretary has power to investigate relatives by marriage of prospective parents burdenno $  
RCW 74.20.230Adoption/ Child Support spouse responsible for child support of jointly adopted children burden/ benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 74.20.240Adoption/ Child Support court has power to compel child support by spouse for adopted children receiving public assistance burden/ benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 74.20.250Adoption/ Child Support petition for child support from spouse may be made without filing fee benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 74.20A.055Adoption/ Child Support one married to parent is a responsible parent for purposes of support obligation burden/ benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 74.34.210Tortsright of action for surviving spouse on death of vulnerable person who is spouse benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 74.38.070Public Assistance income of spouse or "cotenant" taken into account for eligibility for reduced utility rates for senior citizens burdenstate $  
RCW 74.42.070Health Care/ Public Assistance married residents have right to privacy during visits and right to share room if both spouses are residents benefitno $  
RCW 75.08.080Fishing spouses of private tideland owners not subject to regulation on taking of shellfish on private tidelands benefitno $  
RCW 75.12.320Fishing spouses of treaty Indian fishermen may assist in exercising treaty rights benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 75.28.011Fishing commercial fishing licenses transferable to surviving spouse for no fee benefitstate $  
RCW 75.30.180Fishing may transfer whiting-Puget Sound fishery license to spouse by gift, bequest, etc. benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 75.30.210Fishing sea urchin dive fishery licenses: only 45 total, transferable between spouses benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 75.30.250Fishing sea cucumber fishing licenses transferable between spouses benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 77.32.380Fish and Game spouse may use conservation license (to use department lands) when accompanying holder benefitno $  
RCW 80.28.080Utilities no reduced rates may be generally available, but may offer reduced rates to spouses of veterans benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 81.28.080Common Carriers may offer reduced rates to spouses of veterans benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 81.80.270Common Carriers permits transferable when partnerships change because of death and transfer to surviving spouse benefit$ (not state)  
RCW 81.80.272Common Carriers surviving spouses entitled to temporary permits without compliance with prior application requirements benefitno $  
RCW 82.45.010Taxesassignment of property from one spouse to another in connection with a dissolution is not a sale for tax purposes benefitstate $ key benefit
RCW 83.110.050Taxesexemption from estate taxes in accordance with federal law benefitstate $ tied to federal law
RCW 84.34.020Property Taxes classification of land as farm and agricultural land may shift on transfer (become subject to stricter test), but not if transfer is to surviving spouse benefitstate $  
RCW 84.36.041Property Taxes nonprofit homes for aging exempt from property taxes if tests are met, including numbers of eligible residents, determined by taking into account incomes of spouses benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 84.36.381Property Taxes exemptions for residences available if spouse is in hospital, both are poor benefit/ burdenstate $  
RCW 84.36.383Property Taxes combined disposable income includes that of spouse burdenstate $  
RCW 84.38.030Property Taxes surviving spouse maybe eligible for property tax deferral if over 57 benefitstate $  
RCW 84.38.070Property Taxes deferral not available where claimant does not live on property by Dec. 15 of claim year, unless claimant dies and surviving spouse also eligible benefitstate $  
RCW 84.38.130Property Taxes deferred property taxes payable on death, but may be further deferred by surviving spouse benefitstate $  
RCW 84.38.150Property Taxes surviving spouse may elect to continue deferral or property taxes on residence as long as qualifications met benefitstate $  
RCW 87.03.045Voting Rights both husband and wife entitled to vote in district if property is community, even if they do not meet requirements (over 10 acres) for having 2 votes benefitno $  
RCW 89.12.100Irrigation and Reclamation amount of land that state can sell in particular district limited by family unit (incl. spouses) burden$ (not state)  
RCW 91.08.030 Water Rights married persons must join in petitions regarding proposed waterways benefit/ burden no $  

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