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Cartoon & Photo Books
© May 25, 2010, Demian

These cartoonists bring top-notch artistry, sharp wit, and engaging story lines to their work. In short, a feast for the eyes, intellectual engagement for the head, and belly laughs to aid the digestion.

The photographers bring an awareness of couples that only seeing them together can afford. The body language between partners brings informs the political, and highly personal, concept of coming out.

Out-of-print books may be found at used book stores or libraries. Availability and costs change often, so it’s best to contact publishers or distributors before ordering.

—— Tim Barela ——

Leonard & Larry made its first appearance “Gay Comix #5” in 1984. The stories ran regularly in “The Advocate” and in “Frontiers” magazines. The following books by Barela feature this endearing male couple in sickness and in health …

Domesticity Isn’t Pretty (1993), $12.95
Palliard Press, 912 West Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55408
The collected humorous adventures of Leonard and Larry. A witty, extremely well-drawn, endearing look at the gay couple next door.

Kurt Cobain and Mozart are Both Dead (1993), $12.95
Palliard Press, 912 West Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55408
More collected humorous adventures of Leonard and Larry. Visitations from assorted dead composers, and Larry’s own near-death experience. Answers that burning question: “Does one certain right-wing, religious TV evangelist really merit going to heaven when he dies?”

—— Alison Bechdel ——

The secret, mysterious and stimulating world of lesbians are all exposed for your viewing pleasure by Bechdel. These books contain the wonderful, continuing and humorous comic strip saga of lesbian relationships — along with heaping spoonfuls of sharp political commentary.

Dykes to Watch Out For (1986), $6.95/14.95 soft/hard
More Dykes to Watch Out for (1988), $7.95/16.95
New, Improved! Dykes to Watch Out for (1990), $7.95/16.95
Dykes to Watch Out for: The Sequel (1992), $8.95
Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out for (1993), $9.95
Unnatural Dykes to Watch Out for (1995), $10.95
Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out for (1998), $10.95
Post- Dykes to Watch Out for (2000), $11.95

Add $2 postage for 1st book, $.50 each thereafter.
Firebrand Books, 141 The Commons, Ithaca, NY 14850; 607-272-0000

—— John Gettings ——

Couples: A photographic documentary of gay and lesbian relationships
by John Gettings (1996), $6 (hard) University Press of New England, Hanover, NH 03755.
Random couples shot hugging each other against a neutral backdrop during New York City’s Stonewall 25 and Gay Pride celebration in 1994. A collection of 84 black-and-white photographs of couples — mostly a decade or less toether — from all walks of life, along with their comments about their lives and relationships. Afterward by Quentin Crisp.

—— Howard Cruse ——

Howard Cruse, creator of Barefootz and Wendel and the founding editor of “Gay Comix,” is an Alabama preacher’s kid who counted “The Baptist Student” among his cartoon markets while still in high school. Since then, his comic strips and cartoon illustrations have appeared in dozens of national magazines, underground comic books, and anthologies, as well as in four book collections of his own. Since 1979, he has shared his life in New York City and in Massachusetts with book editor and political activist Ed Sedarbaum. Cruse’s fictional graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby was published in 1995 by Paradox Press (DC Comics).

Wendel (1983), $9.95, Gay Presses of New York. Out of print.
Light-hearted, poignant and occasionally erotic comic strip stories, largely about a promising gay male relationship.

Wendel on the Rebound (1989), $9.95
St. Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010
Wendel, his partner Ollie, and their pals ’n gals in stories that are funny, heart-warming,
politically savvy, erotic and endearing — sometimes all at once in the same picture frame.

Wendel Comix #1 (1990), $2.95
Kitchen Sink Press, 2 Swamp Road, Princeton, WI 54968
Continuing stories of the thriving relationship of Wendel and Ollie and their community of friends.

Click here to own created by Howard Cruse.

—— Robert Kirby ——

The whimsical Curbside strips run regularly through many gay American publications. In 1997, Kirby received a Xeric Grant to produce Curbside. He has edited the comic zine “Strange-Looking Exile” (1991-1994), and produced four issues of “Boy Trouble” (1994-present); both critical successes. His comics have also been seen in “The Advocate,” “Gay Comics,” The Question of Equality (Scribner) and The Factsheet Five Zine Reader (Three Rivers Press).

Curbside (1998), $8
Robert Kirby / HobNob Press, P.O. Box 300102, Minneapolis, MN 55403
A (likely autobiographical) rocky relationship between Bob and Tony made to look like fun.

—— Geoff Manasse and Jean Swallow ——

Making Love Visible: in Celebration of Gay and Lesbian Families
by Geoff Manasse and Jean Swallow (1995), $18.95, 176 pages, Crossing Press, Box 1048, Freedom, CA 95019.
Photo essays by Geoff Manasse with interviews by Jean Swallow featuring same-sex couples and their extended families. A testament to love and commitment breaking all social boundaries.
Available for $12 from Partners’ Orders Page.

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