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HRC Poll of New Hampshire
Republican voters on Marriage Issues

© 1997, Demian

A pre-primary poll of 443 likely New Hampshire Republican voters, conducted in mid-February, 1997, showed that the largest percentage did not consider same-sex marriage a factor in how they would vote. Nonetheless at a Republican rally in Iowa, seven of the eight candidates endorsed a resolution asserting that the state should “not legitimize homosexual relationships by legalizing same-sex marriage.” These survey results indicate the candidates are not listening well to most of their constituents.

The term “gay marriage” was unfortunately used in the survey questions. The phrase is inaccurate and misleading. A better term would be “legal marriage for same-sex couples.”

When getting a marriage license, opposite-sex couples are not asked if they are straight. Their sexual orientation is not known. The same will be true for legal marriages that are offered to same-sex couples. The marriage discrimination is based on the biological sex of the couple, not their orientation.

Survey Results
49 percent say legal same-sex marriage makes no difference.

32 percent are somewhat or much less supportive of a candidate who signed a pledge opposing “gay marriage.”

18 percent are much more supportive of a candidate who signed a pledge opposing “gay marriage.”

62 percent strongly disapprove or feel it is wrong to use gays to score political points.

20 percent were glad the politicians were raising the anti-marriage issue.

The numbers disapproving of the anti-marriage position increased once voters were given information about the full anti-gay context of the candidate’s rally.

Poll conducted by Lake Research, Inc.
The survey’s error margin is plus or minus 4.7 percent.
Poll sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, 202-628-4160.

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