Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples
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How to Start Your Own Couplesí Group
© June 20, 2014, Demian (1st posted 2004)

  • Start with a Clear Purpose

  • Develop a Mission Statement out of That Clear Purpose

  • Getting Word Out
    Use local gay and lesbian media, community access cable, alternative newspapers, and grapevine.
    Post flyers at community centers, coops, businesses that cater to gay clientele.

  • Start with a Flexible, Mixed Agenda
    Blend support, discussion and social elements to keep it interesting.

  • Discussion Topic Ideas
    Legal marriage, legal matters, sex, jealousy, open or closed relationships, children, support for being in a relationship,
    domestic partner benefits, and dealing with blood relatives (especially around the holidays).

  • Social Activities
    Game Night, going to a theater production, movie, or watching a TV program.

  • Meet Regularly and at the Same Location
    Once established, the group can decide on frequency and location.

  • Select a Comfortable Meeting Place
    A home is convenient, but if the group becomes very large, another site may be needed.
    Because of privacy issues, avoid publicly accessed places like restaurants or coffee shops.
    Free library and school meeting rooms are good, as long as they have closeable doors.

  • Make It Easy to Run
    Donít lock yourself into unwanted commitments.
    The business meetings need not take a lot of time; only a few minutes before and after the group discussions.

  • Donít Make Too Many Rules

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